Why choose Courses for Horses?

Why are you 'more than just a riding school'?

How do I find you?

How do I contact you?

How are your courses structured?

Are your instructors all professional?

What are your horse welfare standards?

Do you cater for those with disabilities and special needs?

What would make an ideal present for my horsey friends & family?
Why choose Courses for Horses?

Because we’re different!

Firstly, we are not for profit organisation. This means that every
single penny we take goes to caring for our horses and offering you
the best of instruction. Our stated aim is to educate - not make

Secondly because we offer predominantly one-to-one lessons.  For
those new to the horse world, it might seem odd that beginners
would even consider the luxury of private lessons. They think
(wrongly) that group lessons are a cost-effective way of learning.
After all, if you want to learn things such as martial arts, dancing or
swimming, you will usually be offered group tuition:  with these
activities, it is easy to follow a set pattern of learning and there are
few variables.

Horses are different. Whilst is possible to learn the very basic skills -
such as mounting, dismounting and how to sit - in a group ride, the
skills needed to actually ride and control a horse can only be learned
by riding independently.
Why are you 'more than just a riding school'?

Whether you have your own horse or not - or maybe don’t even ride -
there are many more ways that we promote learning and fun with

Our Riding Clubs offer children and adults, with or without their own
horses the chance to learn more than just how to ride.

We have horse care courses, lecture-demos, “hands-on” courses
and clinics for those with or without their own horse. All Riding Club
activities are open to non-members.

We also hold regular fun shows with showing and jumping classes
and gymkhana games, and dressage competitions and clinics.

Check out our Events page to see what’s coming up soon.

If you would like to know more about what we do, why not pop in?
We are open every day except Monday. Weekdays until 8.00 pm
and weekends until 5.00 pm.
How do I find you?

Our address is:

Lower Stonehouse Farm
Brown Edge

Go to our 'Find Us' page for a map.
How do I contact you?

Call us on 01782 505664 or email info@coursesforhorses.co.uk

The lines are open from 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 7.00pm.

There are more ways to contact us and follow us on social media
(Facebook, Twitter, etc) here.
How are your courses structured?

As recommended by the BHS, we have a structured “Grading”
System of training for all riders. On their first lesson, riders are given
a provisional “Grade” dependent on their previous experience. Each
grade puts new exercises and skills in place. 

When riders are ready to move on, the instructor conducts an
assessment and if all criteria are met, the rider is booked in as a
higher grade. Before jumping, riders must show that they can walk,
trot and canter safely and under control and also have the necessary
underpinning knowledge.

Not only does this approach give a thorough grounding in how to ride
correctly but ensures that we keep lessons as safe as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Other schools allow riders to jump and canter
before such rigorous requirements are met. This may mean that
when you come to us, you will not be allowed to carry out these more
risky activities until you’ve met our standards. If you have any
concerns about this, please discuss them with your instructor.
Are your instructors all professional?

We have a small, tight-knit and dedicated team of instructors, all of
whom hold British Horse Society qualifications. Each has their own
individual style and specialities but all have one thing in common:
their desire to help riders achieve. 

They also receive ongoing professional development through
training sessions with Mary Stitson and visiting instructors. This helps
them to continue to offer inspiring and  interesting lessons.

All our clients, whether learning to ride, coming back to riding after a
break, improving skills and knowledge, developing confidence or
getting ready to have a horse of their own, progress at their own
pace - which is usually pretty fast!
What are your horse welfare standards?

For us, our horses are our partners. In fact, there is a mantra we use:
“The horse is the teacher, instructors are just translators.” Every one
of our horses and ponies is appreciated and valued as much as any
privately-owned equine.

All have their nutrition individually designed, their feet regularly
attended to by the farrier, and their work-load carefully monitored. No
horse works for more than 2 hours per day and we ensure that they
have a wide variety of activities to keep them happy and content.

Each has their own saddle, which is selected, fitted and regularly
checked by a master saddle-fitter. Horses and ponies receive
ongoing training from our instructors to ensure that they remain
responsive to ride.

To cap it all, they have six monthly visits from Ivan Stockdale - one of
the UK’s leading equine dental technicians.  Michelle Brand, equine
therapist and McTimoney chiropractor, treats any of our animals who
show signs of pain or stiffness.
Do you cater for those with disabilities and special needs?

Yes.  Disabled riders are treated as equals.  We offer the same
quality of service to all our riders regardless of age, gender or
disability. For the more profoundly disabled, we work in conjunction
with the Riding for the Disabled Association with groups on two

For those with lighter disabilities we offer exactly the same service
that our able-bodied clients receive. As riders like Lee Pearson have
proved, there should be no barriers to riding and our specialist RDA-
trained instructors are conversant with the challenges of many
disabilities, both mental and physical,  and how to work with them.

Find out more on our 'Special Needs' page.
What would make an ideal present for my horses friends and

Our Gift Vouchers of course!

We can provide vouchers for riding lessons as presents at all times
of the year. Vouchers of £10.00 towards a lesson are also available. 

If you pay for four lessons, you receive a discount of 10%.
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