With the exception of exam training and Riding for the Disabled, all
our lessons are either private or two people sharing. We believe that
this is the best way to learn. Every rider can then progress at their
own speed without having to compete with others.

Shared lessons are at the request of the client and both riders must
be a similar age and the same level. We do not offer shared lessons
for complete beginners.

Most lessons are half an hour. In a one to one situation, this is more
than enough for most riders. However, more experienced riders can
book a full hour.  Please contact us for more details.
Beginners and Novices
Our horses are well- mannered, sensible and calm. Of course, being
living creatures, they are not 100% predictable but we believe that
our horses are safe and give great confidence.  The instructors are
all experienced, patient and enthusiastic. They get great pleasure
from seeing their riders progress.
We take riders from the age of 4
upwards. They are taught using
our grading system. Grade 1
includes the basics of mounting,
adjusting stirrups, etc. also how
to stop, go and turn. Each Grade
must be completed before the
rider is allowed to move on. This
gives a thorough grounding and
builds confidence.  Riders of
Grade 4 upwards can learn to
jump if they wish.
More Experienced Riders

Anyone who has learnt to ride elsewhere will be assessed in their
first lesson and rated according to our Grading System.  If riders are
above Grade 6 , they will then be rated in according to the BHS
Stages, BD dressage levels or jumping experience. Our aim with
these riders is to advance their riding along Classical lines, by
improving their position, suppleness, balance and feel.  Lessons on
the lunge may be included to help progress. They are also taught
how to get the best from the horses they are riding by using a wide
range of exercises and movements.
Our horses in general are well-
educated and responsive. 
Those used for jumping are
experienced, knowledgeable
and confidence-giving.  While
they are by no means push-
button, they are sensible and
forgiving, so riders can improve
their skills, confident that if they
get it wrong at the beginning, the
horses won’t get agitated or
Own horse lessons

Riders are welcome to bring
their own horses. As with all
activities here, our training
methods are Classical in
approach and we aim to give
owners the knowledge and
understanding to progress by
themselves at home. Some
riders come once a week,
others once a fortnight or
month, just to make sure they
are still working on the right
lines. Others come at certain
times of the year, depending on
the demands of competition.

Beginners and Novices

More Experienced Riders

Own Horse Lessons

Grading System

Exam Training

Prices - Lessons
Grading System

This system has been developed by us, based on years of
experience teaching beginners and novices. It gives riders a
thorough grounding in the fundamentals of correct, classical riding so
that they can progress to higher levels, both on the flat and over

The Grades run from 1 to 6 and riders can’t move onto the next
grade until all the requirements of the previous grade have been
completed. Each time a rider completes a grade, they can purchase
a Progress Certificate if they wish.  Riders who pass Grade 6 will be
above the level of the BHS Stage 1 Riding exam and equipped with
the skills for doing dressage or jumping at a local level.

Instructors and horses are also graded so riders are only taught by
the correct level of instructor on the correct level of horse - although
the horses and ponies, being live creatures, don’t always remember
this!  This helps to build confidence in our riders and ensures that
you will never be placed on a horse unsuitable for you.

The following gives a sample of what is included in each grade.

Please note that jumping is optional.
Grade 1 - Beginners
(All children start on a lead rein and the instructor walks beside
Mounting, dismounting and leading
Correct position and balance
How to halt, walk and turn
Sitting trot with stirrups

Grade 2 - On and Off the Lead Rein
On Lead Rein / Adults with instructor alongside
Walk without Stirrups
Rising Trot

Off Lead Rein
Learning to change direction
Large circles in walk

Grade 3 - Novice Riders - More independence
Understand what ‘Going Forwards’ means
Using reins effectively
Starting sitting trot without stirrups

Grade 4 - Flatwork
Learning to move horse or pony sideways (leg yield)
Working in middle of arena
Trotting over a line of poles
Starting canter

Grade 4 - Starting to jump
Putting stirrups up
Keeping palance and position in trot
Transitions between trot and canter
Over course of poles

Grade 5 - Flatwork
4 Loop serpentine
Increasing / Decreasing circles
20m circles in canter

Grade 5 - Jumping in trot
Over crosspoles
Riding consistently forward over poles and jumps
Keeping balance and position in canter

Grade 6 - Flatwork
10m circles in walk
Increasing / Decreasing stride in trot
Canter without stirrups

Grade 6 - Jumping in Canter
Grid work
Uprights and narrow spreads
Jumps up to 2′ 3″
Courses in canter
Exam Training

As well as courses, we offer private or shared lessons for all the
BHSAI exams:

- Horse Care (Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4)
- Riding (Stages 1, 2 & 3)
- Lungeing (Stages 2, 3 & 4)
- Teaching (Preliminary Teaching Test)

Exam candidates can pick subjects where they feel weak or need
more practical experience.

This training usually takes place between 9.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. on
weekdays. Sessions lasting for an hour or more receive a discount,
usually 10%.

We can recommend reasonably-priced B&B’s for anyone wanting
intensive training over several days.
Prices - Lessons

Riding Lessons (per half hour) - "pay as you go"
For regular clients, we have several discount schemes.

Book 4 or more lessons at a time and receive a 10% discount.

Take out a permanent slot and receive a 17.5% discount. Must be
paid by standing order on or before the 1st of each month and in
advance. Click here for terms and conditions.

2 members of the same family receive an extra 10% discount on all
lessons. (Immediate family only)

Please contact us if you would like to know more or to book a lesson
Private 1/2 hour £26.50
Shared  1/2 hour £20.00
Own Horse  1/2 hour (Private) £20.50
Lessons with Mary (School Horse) £46.50
Lessons with Mary (Own Horse) £36.50
Weekday Private Tuition
BHS Stage 1 £19.00
BHS Stage 2 £19.00
BHS Stage 3 £34.00
BHS Stage 4 £39.00
PTT £39.00
Horse Care Sessions (per hour)
Permanent Slots (per month)
Private 1/2 hour £95.50
Shared  1/2 hour £71.50
Own Horse  1/2 hour (Private) £73.29
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