Our horses are a mixture of cobs, thoroughbreds and various
crosses, with the tallest of our horses is Molly standing at 18.0hh (a
gentle giant!), and our smallest is Sam standing at 11.2hh.

All of them are lunged, long-reined or ridden by our instructors on a
regular basis to ensure that they maintain their good manners and to
improve their work.

15.0 hh cob mare. A thoroughbred trapped in a cob’s body! She loves dressage and jumping and the more challenging the exercises, the better. Also ideal for beginners and RDA.

14.0 hh cob mare. Loves to jump and is great for those wanting to do a little more.

12.2 hh mare. One of our most versatile ponies. She jumps, does dressage and is also kind a patient with beginners.

12.3hh gelding. Loves jumping and has amazing paces. Ideal for children who want to do a bit more than the basics.

17.3 hh shire cross gelding. Another of our super all-rounders - he’ll jump a house, does dressage to a good level but is also steady enough for beginners and RDA.

14.3 hh mare. Lovely, gentle mare who is a great confidence giver.

14.0 hh mare. One of our Blue Cross loans.  Great all rounder who will jump, do dressage but is also ideal for beginners and intermediates.

18.hh shire mare. A gentle giant. Lovely, sweet temperament and very generous.

15.2 hh cob gelding. Cheeky chappie who has a food obsession! Fantastic all-rounder who will teach any level including RDA. Fantastic jump horse.

12.2 hh Exmoor mare. Can sometimes be grumpy in the stable but only because she wants to get on with work. Fantastic jumping pony and great for learning to canter on.

15.1 hh Lucitano mare. Kindly made available to us by her owner, Sheila. An exact, technical ride with a good level of education. Ideal for people wanting to take their riding to the next level and become more refined in their aids.

11.2 hh gelding. Little star who has taught countless children to ride. Patient and sweet, he’s the perfect gentleman.

15.0 hh cob mare. Super all-rounder who gives great confidence - particularly with canter and jumping.

12 hh mare. Sweet pony who thinks she’s a dressage diva! Perfect for small children learning to canter.

12.3 hh gelding. Fantastic all rounder who doesn’t believe he’s a pony! Great confidence-giver for small adults as well as children - including jumping.

16.2hh warm blood cross mare. Beautiful, educated mare who can jump like a pro and has excellent paces. Great for those wanting to advance their riding.
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