Riding Lessons
We believe that all riders, no matter what their age, experience or
ability should receive the same high standards of tuition - and this
applies equally to those with special needs.
We focus on what people CAN
do, rather than what they can’t and
because the majority of our
lessons are one to one, we are
able to give progressive,
structured training to most levels
of ability.

We also believe that, as much as
is safe and practical, those with
special needs should be fully
integrated into all our activities.
Lessons for adults take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  These run in term time, with some special sessions in the school holidays.  We are always looking for volunteers to help, so please contact us if you have any time available on these two mornings.

We are very keen to expand our work in this field through individuals or schools or other bodies. Please phone or email or visit without obligation to discuss your requirements.  One-to-one riding lessons for adults and children with physical and / or mental disabilities, are available at the same price as our other lessons
"Special needs" covers a wide range of conditions both physical and
mental. Some are barely visible, others are more pronounced. Some
affect the ability to take on board instruction, others affect mobility
and balance. Some affect both.

If you or your child have both learning and physical challenges, we
recommend that you approach our resident RDA group -
Staffordshire Moorlands Riding for the Disabled Association. This
group hires our horses and facilities on a Tuesday and Thursday
morning during school term-times and has highly trained and skilled
instructors and volunteers who can give you the best quality of tuition.
Please see their contact details at the bottom of the page.

If your challenges are less pronounced, you might like to book
individual lessons with one of our own instructors. With all new
special needs riders we discuss the degree of their challenge and
agree a plan to meet their needs. These lessons are charged at the
standard rate.

To contact the RDA group, please call Hayley Hoskins on 07980
14951 or email HayleyHoskins@BTconnect.com  Or you can contact
us here.
01782 505664
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