The seven Core Mandatory Units at Level 2 are:
- Clean and maintain stables
- Provide feed and water to horses
- Carry out routine care and monitor the health and well-being of
- Restrain horses using specified methods
- Monitoring and maintaining health and safety
- Maintain and develop personal performance
- Establish and maintain effective working relationships

There are other Optional Units such as riding, care of the competition
horse, working the horse from the ground, assisting riders with
special requirements, travelling and selling horses.

We work in partnership with
Haddon Training Ltd to offer
Apprenticeships for those aged
16-24, you ‘earn as you learn’,
combining work on the yard
with continuous training and
formal training sessions.

As an Apprentice you will gain a
Level 2 Diploma in Work based
Horse Care, Functional Skills,
First Aid and a Technical
Certificate. The Diploma is split
into units and you will be
assessed on your practical
ability and knowledge to do the
job competently by an
independent Assessor from
Haddon Training.

Adult Students
Entry requirements:

You must be:
- Aged 16-24
- Experienced with horses
- Hard working, committed, flexible and reliable
- A good team player
- Physically fit
- Able to walk, trot, canter and jump a small course of jumps

This is a one year course, after which suitable people may be invited
to continue on to a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship.
We offer:

-  Experience of working in a commercial environment
-  A continuous personal development system
-  Learning to work as a member of a team and take responsibility
-  Lessons on your own horse if desired
-  Working with children and disabled riders, according to your talents
and inclinations
-  Helping to progress the work of the Centre’s horses and ponies
Students attend two or three days per week from Monday to Friday.
Days start at 8.00am or 8.30am (depending on the day) and end at
3.30pm or 4.00pm.

Students have both private and small group riding lessons with a
variety of instructors.  The other formal training is for horse care and
lunging. The rest of the day consists of working on the yard carrying
out all the usual groom’s activities.

The work is varied and interesting and students are given freedom to
get on with their duties without oppressive supervision.

Much of the training is based on
British Horse Society
qualifications which are valued in
all parts of the equestrian
industry, starting with Stage 1. 
Students are expected to do
some studying in their own time.
Our current team is friendly, tight-knit and hardworking and we expect
anyone coming in to match their high standards.  They work holidays
on a rota, including bank holidays, and are committed to giving the
horses the very best of care.  In return we offer a friendly and
supportive environment, appreciation and respect and top-quality
training tailored to the individual student.

Contact us if you would like to apply for either of the above.
01782 505664
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