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Hi. My name is Chris and I have been a horse racing enthusiast for a number of years. Unfortunately, during that time, I fell into the category of being a mug punter, you know, the person who bets on a favourite without actually knowing whether it's got a chance of winning or not. So, one day I decided I'd had enough of losing money every day and I asked myself the question..why bet on something I know nothing about?


From that day on, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about horse racing. From the different classes to distances, I wanted to know it all to give myself a better understanding of why the horses I as betting on previously weren't winning. 


Inside is a comprehensive guide of courses designed to give you a better understanding of everything  you need to know when trying to find a winner. From the different types of ground to selecting the correct bookmaker, these courses will equip you with the knowledge to reduce the field considerably and give you a better chance of finding a winner.

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